Thursday, July 9, 2009

the duck pond 18x24

I was on location a few days back doin this plein air sketch of a duck pond at a local park..

The idea I had was too capture this back light scene and show the light flowing over and through the land and water.. The ducks loved my time with them and where not shy, coming over to view my progress..So they begged to be in the scene....

Anyway the studio version was done with a few glazes too show the soft light set the glow across the painting. In this painting I tryed a new and historic medium called amber varnish.. Playin around with this medium for a couple days before the painting process, I found that it gave me more control. I could manipulate the paint however I wanted with it. It was different from the maroger that I was used too, but safer and better for the life of the painting. To help me make the transition I called Donald c. Fels owner and developer of amber varnish ...He was a great help and a joy to talk too..I thank him alot

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