Tuesday, June 23, 2009

a miracle in my opinion

Maybe I should call it a miracle for my future painting.Here is how the true story goes....I have been stressing and praying for a while on how to get to pay some bills get all4 of my kids clothed and ready for school, and get some art schooling... I also been lookin for a year for a money tree because they look so lovely in David Leffel's paintings..{well get back to the money tree in a minute}. So yesterday I go to pick up some of my artwork from a local show and the art center was closed. There was a lady next door who owned an art store who had the key to the art center so I could get my work. We talked for hours and she asked me about my talent and told me about her years as an artist and her love for art....She taught painting and pottery..when she said pottery a light went off and I asked her if she had any cheaper pots for sale. She handed me an old whiskey jug and told me to give her 10 bucks cause it had a crack on the side....I only had 9 and she said "Sold".After the talk and purchase I go back home to look up the pot and I found about 10 local numbers of people to call that had knowledge of the old pots{half of my fun in buying old stuff is to find out the history of the items}...After emailing everyone pics of my 9 dollar pot , my phone would be set to ring for the next several hours....It seams as if I had bought an Edgfield pot made by a slave named Thomas Chandler at around a couple hundred years ago..I was in denial and took the pot to a local that owned a pottery shop and he revealed that what they were saying to be true...I deal with this local in pottery trades so I dont have to spend money and I always have fresh and interesting pots to paint ...Being the friend as he is handed me a few grand for the pot answering all my prayers and healing my worries..He told me he could get mor for it but I didnt care , I m not greedy and needed only the profit I recieved . He deserves his profit in my opinion....As I was leaving the store a leaf was fell on my foot { it was a money tree leaf, or coin}and I tued back to ask him do you have a money tree ,he laughed "no you took it" . So I asked him if there was a flower shop near by,He said yes across the street so I go over to the shop and asked the lady about the tree .She said it is crazy that you ask me that cause a lady came in from her church with a bouquet of flowers and asked if I would deliver them for her .I said I would and she said could you throw these away for me, and it was a money tree. She said Ive never had a money tree here and then I get one and you come in asking for them an hour laiter ....so she gave them too me .....unbeleavableI show the tree to the guy at the pottery store and he says " you need to get a lottery ticket"Anyway so know I will be taking the class at quinlan with Mr. Leffel...I am so excited .I never been formally trained in art

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